Floralia started in Uzes, a small town and commune in the south of France. In a curious bit of history, this medieval town is the last remaining Duchy in France. Uzes is nestled in the hills north of Marseille, a region that has been the center of perfume, soap, and cosmetics-making since Roman emperors ruled the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by an expanse of groves and flower fields where raw materials are cultivated for the artisans and shops in the Cote D’Azur and in Marseille.

Uzes is a restorative - laid-back, unpretentious, and beautiful.

Along alleyways and squares, especially during the exuberant Saturday market, the town flows with produce, flowers, wines, spices, taste-bud-warping cheeses, and handmade jewelry, and of course soaps, lotions, perfumes, balms, and cosmetics, brought to town by the local makers.

As you might guess, we bought the soaps, lotions, and balms. We used them. And we said, “Wow”.

“Holy Cow”.

And “Why don’t we have these in the US?”

Floralia was born.

We are starting small, and over time we will add to our selection. We hope you enjoy these French goodies as much as we do.