our formulations

Our formulations begin as organically-grown petals, herbs, and seeds from Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, a region steeped in centuries of cultivating botanicals for beauty and rejuvenation.

Artisanal skincare and beauty products from France

France is famous for exquisite fashion, cosmetics, cuisine, and art. French brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Veuve are world-renowned. It is perhaps less known that France is still very much a land of artisanal producers, thriving on traditional craftsmanship and methodology. Regional producers rely on nearby farmers for the raw materials to for perfumes, creams, lotions, and soaps of exceptional quality and efficacy.

And, because life is unfair, these beauty products - like many of France’s finest wines and foods - are sold in the local boutiques in neighboring towns, and never make it across the Atlantic.

Floralia is set to change this pattern. We are bringing to the US what French women have been relying on for generations: carefully cultivated Mediterranean botanicals, essential oils, and flower extracts, produced in small batches with passionate attention to detail.

Just as important, making beauty products is one of France’s primary industries. The French government’s regulatory and compliance requirements for skincare and cosmetics are the strictest in the world - much more than in the US. Every aspect of our products, from ingredients to production methods to quality control, must comply with these regulations and procedures, so you know what you’re getting is always of the finest quality.